Why choose KIS for your A Levels?

Cambridge International A Levels

A highly respected and widely received pathway to tertiary education

Qualified and experienced teachers

If you are already a student at KIS, the A Level staff know you and understand you.

Small class size and year group

Benefit from plenty of individual attention and support.

Opportunities for leadership and personal growth

Varied programme to develop crucial skills to support university and working life.

Careers advice and guidance

Assistance with your worldwide university applications.

If you are already living in Kota Kinabalu, here are some benefits to living at home while studying for your A Levels:

  • A Levels are intense: you have 4 terms to study 3 or 4 subjects. It can take some time to settle at a new school or a new living environment.
  • When living at home with your family they can support you through A Levels. Most 16/17 year olds need this!
  • Economically it probably makes better financial sense. Going overseas can prove to be a tremendous financial burden to the family.