At KIS we believe in offering opportunities for our students to develop their leadership skills, both inside and outside of the classroom.


Each house has two Year 6 and two Secondary House Captains. House Captains are responsible for organising their House teams for competitions, sports days and the swimming gala.


In terms 1 and 2 prefects are selected from Year 13. In term 3 when the Year 12 and Year 13 students are involved in examinations, students from Year 10 are selected as prefects.


Both Primary and Secondary students are given the opportunity to form both a Student Council and a Charity Committee. Both of these groups are intended to allow students to learn through service. The advantages of Service Learning are as follows:

  • It has a positive impact on students’ academic learning by enriching the learning experience and allowing students to apply what they learn to the ‘real world’
  • It improves transferable skills such as communication, problem-solving and critical thinking
  • It teaches civic responsibility and strengthens communities by improving inter cultural understanding. It also develops international mindedness.
  • It allows students to develop emotional intelligence and the dispositions that 21st century employers are looking for such as being able to work in a team and being confident enough to take risks
  • It gives students an increased sense of personal identity
  • It promotes greater involvement in community service after graduation


The purpose of the Student Council is to ensure that the students are fully represented as members of our community. There is a Primary Student Council and a Secondary Student Council. Members are elected by the students and will include one representative from each tutor/year group. Students who sit on the council are responsible for communication with heads of school to promote the physical, social and emotional needs of every single student at KIS.

The responsibilities of the Student Council include:

  • Maintain communication platforms between the council and the student body; collecting and distributing ideas, information and proposals
  • Organize regular events, which include but are not limited to, fund-raising, social events and raising school spirit
  • Consider and implement ideas for school reform
  • Demonstrate high standards of behavior and be excellent ambassadors for the school

Positions of responsibility in the Student Council are as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Manager. These officers will be elected by all students.


This is a small group of students that works to raise funds that will be donated to charity. Students from Years 4 – 6 may apply for the Primary Charity Committee. The Secondary Charity Committee is comprised of students from Years 7 – 13.

The responsibilities of the Charity Committee include:

To research, evaluate and decide upon two charities, one local and one international, that will receive a donation from KIS.

  • To plan, prepare for, advertise and hold a minimum of two large fund-raising events per year.
  • To present to the community their choice of charities and the method of donation.
  • They may also be asked to run small assemblies aimed at raising international awareness.

Positions of responsibility in the Charity Committee are as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Manager. These officers will be elected from the pool of successful applicants.