Application Fee

An non-refundable Application Fee of RM 800 is payable on submission of the application for all students from Reception to Year 13.

One Time Fees

Fee Type Applicable to Fee per child Notes
Registration Fee Reception – Year 13 RM 1,000 Non refundable. A one off fee to be paid before the student is enrolled.
Capital Fee* Reception – Foundation 2 RM 2,000 Non refundable. A one off fee to be paid before the student is enrolled in school. Transferable upon entry to Year 1
Year 1 – Year 13 RM 8,000 Non refundable. A one off fee to be paid before the student is enrolled in school
Refundable Deposit Reception – Year 13 RM2,500 The deposit after deductions for any amounts owing to the school and in accordance with the school’s withdrawal and refund policies will be returned to parents within 30 days of completion of all withdrawal procedures.


Termly Tuition Fees for the 2017-18 Academic Year

There are 3 terms per year (See school calendar).

Reception – Year 13

Year Termly Tuition Fee (3x per year) Termly School Development Fund Levy (3x per year) Annual fee (3 x Termly Tuition Fee plus 3 x School Development Fund Levy)
Reception1 3,750 700 13,350
Reception2 5,650 700 19,050
Foundation 11 3,750 700 13,350
Foundation 12 5,650 700 19,050
Foundation 2 7,900 700 25,800
Year 1 8,500 700 27,600
Year 2 8,500 700 27,600
Year 3 9,000 700 29,100
Year 4 9,000 700 29,100
Year 5 9,000 700 29,100
Year 6 9,500 700 30,600
Year 7 11,000 700 35,100
Year 8 11,000 700 35,100
Year 9 11,500 700 36,600
Year 10 12,950 700 40,950
Year 11 12,950 700 40,950
Year 12 13,300 700 42,000
Year 133 13,300 700 35,350

1. 11.30am Reception and Foundation 1 finish
2. 2pm Reception and Foundation 1 finish, available upon request and subject to a one week trial period
3. Year 13 students pay 50% of the termly tuition fee in Term 3.

School fees are strictly due and payable in advance before the date of admission and/or the first day of each term. A 5% discount will be applied if payment of the full Tuition Fee and School Development Fund Levy is made one or before the first day of Term 1. Please see the Fee Payment and Policies page for more details.

Sibling Discount:

The following discount structure applies to the tuition fee for siblings in Foundation 2 to Year 13:

  • 1st child – full fee
  • 2nd child – 5% discount
  • 3rd child – 10% discount
  • 4th child – 20% discount
  • 5th child – 40% discount

First Steps Playgroup

First Steps
First Steps Playgroup For children aged birth to 3 years old
RM 850 per term* Two hour session, twice a week

*Students attending First Steps do not pay the registration fees as listed above, but are expected to pay the Student Accident Insurance fee upon enrolling (RM 31.80), which is renewable at the start of each academic year.

First Steps is a twice-weekly 2 hour Playgroup for children aged from birth to 3 years old. Each session is limited to a maximum of 12 children with accompanying adults and takes place during term time. Fees are payable before the start of each term and includes drinks, snacks and craft activities.  Please contact our Admissions Officer for further details and see the First Steps page of the website.

Other School Fees

Annual Student Accident Shield Insurance Fee:

An annual fee of RM 31.80 per child is due and payable before the date of admission or annually before the first day of the academic year. The insurance fees are non-refundable. A schedule of benefits is available upon request.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Charge:

A termly charge will be applied to all students from Year 1 upwards who the school deems to require additional English support. All students for whom English is not their home language will be assessed as part of the Admissions process and on a termly basis thereafter.

  • Category A: Intensive support (minimum 6 hours/week): RM 3,000 per term
  • Category B: Intermediate support (minimum 3 hours/week): RM 1,500 per term

Category A support consists of both in-class and out of class support, while Category B support consists of only in-class support in Primary and only out of class support in Secondary.

If required, EAL support is compulsory and not optional and will be reassessed each term. Following assessment a letter and invoice will be sent to parents. Students complete a maximum of 6 terms of EAL support, after which there is no charge for any further EAL support deemed to be necessary.

Special Educational Needs Charge:

A termly fee will be charged for students who the school deems to require additional  support either in class or outside of the classroom. The charge will be calculated based on the number of hours support provided. The level of support required will be assessed each term and parents will be notified in advance of any change of requirements.

Textbooks and Equipment:

Reception to Year 11 fees are inclusive of text books, materials, resources and general classroom stationery. Students in Years 12 and 13 must purchase approved course text books from the school. Year 12 and Year 13 students are expected to have their own laptop computers.

School Uniforms:

Most school uniform can be purchased from the KIS Shop which is located in the School Hall. See the school uniform page for further details.

Public Exams Fees:

IGCSE and A Level exam fees are set each year by the Exam Boards. Parents with children taking these exams will be invoiced individually, including an additional charge to cover the cost of the exam invigilators and courier charges.

Field / Residential / Social / Class Trips:

All school trips must be self-financing. Fees are normally charged on an individual basis, based on quoted costs incurred for the trip concerned.


Parents are requested to organise their own transport for students travelling to and from school. The school also reviews and approves school bus operators for KIS students, but, arrangements and payments should be made directly with the school bus operators. Our current school bus operators can be contacted as follows:

Charlie – 016 8196619

Catered Lunches:

Lunches are available to pre-purchase from the on-site Healthy Heart Canteen. Alternatively students can bring in their own healthy lunches. The menu and order form for lunches will be sent to families each month through the Weekly Newsletter. Menu selection and payment is made to the caterer direct and full information is provided on the order form.

Fee Payment

  • Cheque or bank draft in Ringgit Malaysia to be made payable to ‘Kinabalu International School’.
  • Payment into Kinabalu International School account using cash or cheque, please inform the school by phone, fax or e-mail. Attach a copy of your bank-in slip so that your payment can be verified accordingly.
  • Bank Transfer or Online Banking: Please quote the invoice number when paying via this method. The bank slip must be submitted to the school office in exchange for an official receipt.

Kinabalu International School
Account number: 560102107440
Malayan Banking Berhad, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL