Assessment and Reporting

In the Primary School, your child’s progress is continually assessed by the teaching team, through observation, conferencing, discussion and marking of completed work. In addition to this, your child’s progress will be more formally reviewed during Assessment Weeks, which are scheduled termly.

At the beginning of every school year, or upon joining KIS, the class teacher will undertake baseline testing to establish the strengths and learning needs of your child. Following this, your child will be assigned Reading, Writing and Mathematics targets, which will be shared with you during Parent-Teacher meetings and included in your child’s school reports. Your child will work toward these targets, both at school and at home, until success is achieved. In collaboration with your child, the class teacher will then assign a fresh target.

Early in Term 1 there is a Parent-Teacher meeting so that parents can find out how their child has settled in. Two formal written reports are issued each year – a Mid Year Report in Term 2, which is followed by a Parent-Teacher meeting, and an End of Year Report at the end of Term 3.