Welcome to the Parent Teachers Association page!

We hope you will find all the information you require here, however if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Steering Committee members.

PTA Membership

The Parent Teachers Association (PTA) comprises of all KIS parents and teachers. The PTA is governed by the PTA Constitution and is administered by a Steering Committee that is elected, by the members of the association, during the annual AGM.

The Steering Committee welcomes all members to get involved with the PTA. Please attend meetings, share your ideas, make suggestions, offer to organise events or start new projects.

Keeping Up To Date on PTA News

Information on our activities is posted on the PTA Information Board (which located under the LED sign) and in the school’s Weekly Newsletter.

Steering Committee Meetings

The Steering Committee (SC) holds monthly meetings. All members of the PTA are welcome to attend meetings. The meeting dates are posted on the school calendar and are announced in the Weekly Newsletter.

The minutes of the meetings are posted here: KIS PTA Minutes


The PTA raises funds for school purposes. All members of the PTA, as well as the student body, can make an application for the PTA to fund a project, event or item. Please complete the Request For Funding Form and email it to the Steering Committee, or attend a meeting and present your request personally. If your request for funding is granted, please follow the Expense Claim Procedure. (The Expense Claim Form is available here for your convenience.)

Class Ambassadors

The Class Ambassadors (CA) are an invaluable part of the PTA communication and social network. They assist the Steering Committee and teachers with sending and receiving information as well as arranging social gatherings for their class parents to meet off the school premises.

At the beginning of each academic year parents are asked to volunteer as a Class Ambassador for their child’s class / year group. If you do not know who your Class Ambassador is, a list of the Class Ambassadors is posted on the PTA noticeboard. If you would like to volunteer to be a Class Ambassador (there may be more than one CA per class), please contact the CA Coordinator.

The PTA Class Ambassador Guidelines document is available for your further reading.

New Friends of KIS Team

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful group of ladies, headed by Naree Blackie, who welcome new KIS families. If you are new to KIS and have not met the New Friends Team, please contact Naree (naree_blackie@yahoo.co.uk) and download our information booklet here: PTA Newcomers Guide

Meet the 2016-17 PTA Steering Committee

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at pta@kis.edu.my or using our contact numbers below.

ManiMani Kadali, Chairperson

I’m Mani from India, my daughter is studying in Y7C.


Florence Deschamps, Vice-Chair and CA Coordinator

FlorenceOur family arrived in KK in August 2015, from France. After one year in another international school, we joined KIS last September where our children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning and gained confidence in English. they are studying in Y6W and Y8B. As a parent owned and managed school, I appreciate the level of involvement parents can have at KIS. I hope I can be helpful in contributing to the school community by being part of this very active PTA.

Contact Florence: 014 337 2912


PTA 5Janet Lo Yueh Rou, Treasurer
I am a new parent who joined the KIS community since September 2016. I am Malaysian and proud to call myself a Sabahan. My daughter Sascha is currently in F1H and she has had a great time in school since enrolment, with huge improvements in vocabulary and she has even picked up a few foreign language words such as French and Korean. For the past 10 years, I travelled a lot for work, be it internationally or domestically. Now finally having the privilege to be based here in my own hometown and with lesser work related travelling (hope the travelling for leisure can pick up though ;p), I hope I can be more active and involved in my daughter’s academic and co-curriculum activities. Being part of the KIS PTASC, I also hope I can contribute and share my experience in a way that can help our KIS community and school to continue to grow and expand.


Mary 2 Mary Chong, Secretary

Originally from Canada, we have lived in KK since 2003. My younger son Nicholas is in Year 11C and my older son Jason is studying in Toronto. We have literally grown with the school from F1 & enjoyed the close family community. Being in sunny beautiful Sabah is always a blessing.

Contact Mary 019 538 2600


Pauline Ma

I am a mother of three, two daughters and one son. My son, Hanson Wong joined the school in September 2016. He is now in Year 7. I am a person who loves artistic work very much. I have been involved with lots of different event decorations and coordination during the past 15 years. Now I am in a healthy lifestyle career, the world Leading Essential Oil Company, Young Living.


PTA 3 2Tan Yee Ting 

I am Malaysia Sabahan. My son has been in KIS since April 2014 ( Currently Year 9 ). He enjoys studying / learning at KIS Community. Both teachers and staffs are nice and helpful in the KIS Community.

Contact – Yee Ting 019 813 8137


PTA 4Renus Lim

We joined KIS in September 2016 from another International schools. I am a Malaysian bought up in Kota Kinabalu. I have 13 years of experience in the fashion business and 6 years as Executive Director of Tanjung Aru Tours & Travel.

I am married to Anderson Wong, and mother to Anson Wong Y9S. My husband is a prominent banker in Sabah currently attached to an Investment Bank as Regional Director.

Contact Renus: 012 833 2581/ renuslim@hotmail.com


Our Objectives are:

The PTASC fosters a welcoming and united International community which celebrates its diversity; enriches the lives of those in the KIS family; and champions progress and improvements.

The PTASC is committed to promoting a positive spirit within KIS that values and respects the diversity of our international community. We will be advocates for the needs of our school, parents, students, teachers and management; facilitate effective communication amongst stakeholders; and organize events and funding that enables our vision.


  • Ensure that families new to KIS are welcomed and supported, thereby aiding in their sense of rapid inclusion into the KIS family.
  • Unite families within our diverse community by organising social occasions for students, their families and staff; and in ways which celebrate our differing cultural backgrounds.
  • Raise funds for additional items outside the responsibility or capacity of school to provide, and which will enrich the lives of our students and staff.
  • Strengthen the partnership between the parents, students, teachers and management.
  • Improve two-way communication between parents, students, families and teachers.