Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association page!

We hope you will find all the information you require here, however if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Steering Committee members.

PTA Membership

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) comprises of all KIS parents and teachers. The PTA is governed by the PTA Constitution and is administered by a Steering Committee that is elected, by the members of the association, during the annual AGM.

The Steering Committee welcomes all members to get involved with the PTA. Please attend meetings, share your ideas, make suggestions, offer to organise events or start new projects.

Keeping Up To Date on PTA News

Information on our activities is posted on the PTA Information Board (which located under the LED sign) and in the school’s Weekly Newsletter.

Steering Committee Meetings

The Steering Committee (SC) holds monthly meetings. All members of the PTA are welcome to attend meetings. The meeting dates are posted on the school calendar and are announced in the Weekly Newsletter.

The minutes of the meetings are posted here: KIS PTA Minutes


The PTA raises funds for school purposes. All members of the PTA, as well as the student body, can make an application for the PTA to fund a project, event or item. Please complete the Request For Funding Form and email it to the Steering Committee, or attend a meeting and present your request personally. If your request for funding is granted, please follow the Expense Claim Procedure. (The Expense Claim Form is available here for your convenience.)

Class Ambassadors

The Class Ambassadors (CA) are an invaluable part of the PTA communication and social network. They assist the Steering Committee and teachers with sending and receiving information as well as arranging social gatherings for their class parents to meet off the school premises.

At the beginning of each academic year parents are asked to volunteer as a Class Ambassador for their child’s class / year group. If you do not know who your Class Ambassador is, a list of the Class Ambassadors is posted on the PTA noticeboard. If you would like to volunteer to be a Class Ambassador (there may be more than one CA per class), please contact the CA Coordinator.

The PTA Class Ambassador Guidelines document is available for your further reading.

New Friends of KIS Team

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful group of ladies, headed by Ratna Arif Powell, who welcome new KIS families. If you are new to KIS and have not met the New Friends Team, please contact Ratna (ratnaarif@gmail.com) and download our information booklet here: PTA Newcomers Guide

PTA Steering Committee (PTASC) 2017-18

Nicole Gervasi sm

Nicole Gervasi, Chairperson

Hi! My name is Nicole Gervasi. I am an Australian living in Kota Kinabalu. I have been here for just under a year, having spent the previous 8 years in Bali, Indonesia. I have a 10 year old son Nicholas, who is in Year 6 and an 8 year old daughter, Sophie, who is in Year 4.

Contact: +6012 802-7771

Martini Tahir

Martini Tahir, Co Vice – Chairperson and NFT Liaison

Originally from Singapore, in 1997 I visited a cute little island in the very bottom of the US called Key West, and forgot to go home. 20 years and 45 countries later, here I am in Sabah. To satiate my itchy feet, I force my family to live both in beautiful Sabah Borneo part of the year, and beautiful Santa Barbara, California part of the year.

My partner in crime is Andrew Baker who, as a writer, can pretty much float anywhere in the world – to my delight. Our son, Dragon Aditya in Year 4, is still trying to figure out if he is a Californian, Singaporean or Sabahan, all of which means he fits perfectly in KIS, where he can freely express himself as a Global Citizen.

And now that we are “settled” in Sabah, I am excited to work with this year’s dynamic group of parents in the Steering Committee, as I’m certain that together we will help support the KIS Community and make KIS a fun schooling experience for all.

Contact: +6017-8207110

Milena 2

Milena Salgado Lynn, Co Vice-Chairperson

I’m a Mexican who has lived permanently in Sabah for the past seven years. I consider KK and Sabah my home and I hope it will remain so for at least ten more years. My son Naollin, who is in Y1, was born in KK and is more Sabahan than Mexican or Belgian (his Dad’s nationality). I work on wildlife conservation and as Co Vice-Chairperson of the PTASC I’m very keen on contributing ideas towards environment-related issues for the benefit of the community. I believe that as a parent I have the right and the obligation to aid the school in any way that will benefit our children.

Contact: +6012 868 7841

Kelly Chin

Kelly Chin, Co-Secretary

I am married to my husband William Lee and we have four beautiful children Cheryl (Y10), Cherise (Y9), Cheryn (Y8) and Isaac (Y6) who joined KIS in September 2016.I was born and grew up in a small lovely town called Tamparuli, located about 32 km from Kota Kinabalu.
I am a full time housewife, I like to cook and enjoy delicious foods. My hobbies include doing cross-stitch, travelling and of course tasting and enjoying the foods from all over the world!!

As part of the PTA Steering Committee 2017-2018, Mary Tek and I will be the Co-Secretary. I hope to serve and give my best to help out in our new team.

Contact: +6016 832-8681

Mary Tek

Mary Alex Tek, Co-Secretary

I am a Sabahan, Malaysian. I am married to Joseph Tek and we have a daughter Michelle, who is currently studying at Exeter University in UK. My son, Michael, joined KIS in 2015 and he is currently in Year 10. Prior to KIS, my son was at a national school in Sandakan.

I was working with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education before resigning in 2007. I enjoy being involved in charity work. I have been an active volunteer of the Sandakan Pink Ribbon Association since 2006, a support group for the breast cancer patients.

Since become a ‘family member’ of KIS, I have enjoyed being part of some of the many PTA activities such as International Day, Chinese New Year, Kaamatan Celebration, Teacher Appreciation Day and Charity events. I am Co-Secretary for the PTA Steering Committee 2017-2018. I hope and pray that I am able to contribute and do my best to help in the PTA.

Contact: +6016 232-0555

Jenny Ngu

Jenny Ngu Ing, Co-Treasurer

I am a local Malaysian Chinese who is born and brought up in Sabah. My son Wesley Teo is studying in Year 11. After joining KIS, Wesley has improved his command in English and he became a happier learner.
I worked in the financial sector for the past 20 years and I am currently a shareholder & director of an R&D company. Due to work, I have been travelling frequently for the past few years. Recently, I have decided to allocate more time for my family in KK.

When I first joined the KIS PTA, I was welcomed by a group of very nice and warm PTA members. They have been very supportive to new parents. I hope I can continue their legacy and be able to contribute to the KIS community.

Contact: +60198517073

Ivy Yap

Ivy Yap Chui Fui, Co-Treasurer

I am a local Malaysian and we just joined KIS in 2016, but this journey will soon end in the summer of 2018 as my daughter, Jennifer, will finish her Year 11 (IGCSE). It has been a year since we joined KIS and I am so happy to see my daughter grow and improve in this short period of time. KIS has provided my daughter with a wholesome school experience like no other and they have managed to balance the IQ and EQ sides of education. Since this will be the last opportunity that I can do my part in the PTA team and I wish to contribute my best to the school.

Contact: +6016 810-3037


Anne Le Goff, Class Ambassador Co-ordinator for Primary

Bonjour! I am Anne from France. I am mum of three boys Noah who is in Y4, Pierre in Y5 and Mathis in Y9.

We arrived in KK in July 2015 and it is the first time we have lived so far away from our family and from our country. There have been so many new discoveries for us and we are enjoying our life here with KK. At KIS we have met many new friends and we enjoy the different cultural celebrations.

Last year I was the Class Ambassador for Y4C and Y8B and I will continue to help out as the Class Ambassador Co-ordinator for Primary parents.

Contact: +6016 777-3216


Brigette Le Meur, Class Ambassador Co-ordinator for Secondary

I am French mum and have been living in Malaysia for the past two years with my husband and my daughter Rose who is in Year 9. I love travelling and discovering new countries which includes snorkeling and diving with my family and friends. Like many French, I enjoy painting and sewing. Swimming and pilates are my other interests. With some spare time, I also give French tuition lessons to children.

When I first arrived at KIS, I appreciated joining the big KIS family and helping out in the New Friends Team and Class Ambassador for Year 8D. I am happy to part the new PTASC and the Class Ambassador Co-ordinator for Secondary parents.

Contact: +6016 581-3729

Pauline Ma

Pauline Ma, PTASC Member

I am mother of three with two daughters and one son. My son, Hanson Wong joined the school in September 2016. He is now in Year 7C. I am a person who loves artistic work very much. I have been involved with lots of different event decorations and co-ordination during the past 15 years. Now I am in a healthy lifestyle career with the world leading essential oil company, Young Living.

I have been on the PTA Steering Committee in the past year and enjoy working on events from Chinese New Year, Kaamatan Festival to Swimming Gala & Primary Sports Day. A new PTA initiative, I also helped teach KIS mums to draw and paint carnations at Mother’s Day painting event. With the new and bigger PTASC, I hope to make each KIS event even more fun.

Contact: +6012 837-2200

Lin Yuan

Lin Yuan – PTASC member

Hello! My name is Lin Yuan, I am from Shenzhen, China. My daughter, Nina Xie, is currently in Year 4. My daughter has been at this school for almost 1 year and she likes KIS very much. I am glad that she adapted to the new school environment in such a short time and she started to speak English. I hope she will meet many more new friends.

Due to my bird nest business, I always have to travel back and forth between Sabah and Shenzhen. I like the multicultural and multilingual environment here. We decided to relocate to Sabah to let my daughter have a better environment to learn, and also to expand my business.
Since my job is quite flexible, I was willing to join the school PTA and hope that I can improve my English and look forward to working with other parents.

Contact: +6016-8601889

Jenny Tang

Jenny Tang – PTASC member

My name is Tang Fang but my friends call me Jenny Tang. I am Chinese and my daughter, Yoyo, is eight years old in Y3.

We arrived in Sabah in May 2017 and we already love this beautiful seaside city. I have a passion for styles, fabrics and trends of all kinds. I have been working in the fashion industry in China for eight years. My other hobbies are enjoying delicious food and traveling. Every holiday I will travel with my children exploring nature, different culture and meeting local people. By letting our children have exposure to different experiences, they can learn to face and deal with any problems.

I am very happy that my daughter can join KIS and hope she will settle well and meet new friends. I am also very fortunate to be a member of PTA. I hope I can contribute to the school for the benefit of the children.

Contact: +6011 2529-9366


Our Objectives are:

The PTASC fosters a welcoming and united International community which celebrates its diversity; enriches the lives of those in the KIS family; and champions progress and improvements.

The PTASC is committed to promoting a positive spirit within KIS that values and respects the diversity of our international community. We will be advocates for the needs of our school, parents, students, teachers and management; facilitate effective communication amongst stakeholders; and organize events and funding that enables our vision.


  • Ensure that families new to KIS are welcomed and supported, thereby aiding in their sense of rapid inclusion into the KIS family.
  • Unite families within our diverse community by organising social occasions for students, their families and staff; and in ways which celebrate our differing cultural backgrounds.
  • Raise funds for additional items outside the responsibility or capacity of school to provide, and which will enrich the lives of our students and staff.
  • Strengthen the partnership between the parents, students, teachers and management.
  • Improve two-way communication between parents, students, families and teachers.