At Kinabalu International School we are dedicated to providing an excellent education in a caring, respectful environment, challenging students to achieve their full potential as successful world citizens.

Statement of Purpose

We believe:

  • in caring for the needs and developing the talents of all our students irrespective of race, religion, ability or sex;
  • in challenging students academically and developing in them positive study habits in preparation for higher levels of educational and vocational studies;
  • in providing our students with the skills necessary to think independently, critically and creatively, as well as the skills to communicate their ideas and opinions effectively.
  • in developing the whole child by addressing the intellectual, emotional, social, creative, linguistic, cultural, moral, aesthetic and physical needs of each student;
  • in engendering in our students the qualities necessary to develop self-discipline, self-respect, and a sense of self-worth, at the same time creating an awareness of the need for respect for others’ opinions, beliefs and attitudes.
  • in helping students, as they grow older, to accept increasing responsibilities for their own growth and development according to the values of honesty, kindness, fairness, tolerance and mutual respect;
  • in the active involvement of, and communication with, the students’ families

Core Values

By enrolling your child at Kinabalu International School, you agree to work in partnership with the school and abide by the policies adopted by the Board of Management. It is important that we work together to provide for the safety and care of your children both in school and at home. As part of this shared responsibility to educate your child, to protect him/her and allow him/her to learn and grow in a safe environment the school will:

  1. Provide age-appropriate lessons to help students understand personal safety, needs and rights.
  2. Ensure our staff are trained in child protection matters including how to recognise and report issues relating to abuse and neglect.
  3. Provide parents with information about our policies.

The school has agreed a set of Core Values which you agree to uphold when you enrol your child at the school. These Core Values have been devised in consultation with staff and members of the Board of Management. They are reflected in our Mission Statement.

The welfare of the child will always be our first priority.

We aspire to the very highest standards of care, to ensure the optimal social, emotional, physical and educational development of the child.

The child will be shown respect at all times.

We will listen to the views of the child and take them into consideration.

These Core Values will be upheld in all cases.