At Kinabalu International School we are dedicated to providing an excellent education in a caring, respectful environment, challenging students to achieve their full potential as successful world citizens.

Statement of Purpose

We believe:

  • in caring for the needs and developing the talents of all our students irrespective of race, religion, ability or sex;
  • in challenging students academically and developing in them positive study habits in preparation for higher levels of educational and vocational studies;
  • in providing our students with the skills necessary to think independently, critically and creatively, as well as the skills to communicate their ideas and opinions effectively.
  • in developing the whole child by addressing the intellectual, emotional, social, creative, linguistic, cultural, moral, aesthetic and physical needs of each student;
  • in engendering in our students the qualities necessary to develop self-discipline, self-respect, and a sense of self-worth, at the same time creating an awareness of the need for respect for others’ opinions, beliefs and attitudes.
  • in helping students, as they grow older, to accept increasing responsibilities for their own growth and development according to the values of honesty, kindness, fairness, tolerance and mutual respect;
  • in the active involvement of, and communication with, the students’ families