KIS aims to prepare Sixth Form students for life after school, and will provide opportunities for personal growth and development. All Sixth Formers will be expected to make clear and direct contributions within the school community, and to be excellent role models within the school as a whole. These contributions will be recorded and timetabled, and students will receive a certificate on completion of their courses.

The school will provide opportunities for contribution, which may include:

  • Library assistant
  • Sixth form/Primary School liaison
  • Duty monitors
  • Community service volunteers
  • PTSA Representatives and helpers at Parent Teacher Student Association [PTSA] functions
  • Student Council Representatives
  • Prefects

All students will have private study periods. At these times students will be expected to take advantage of the facilities within the school to focus on their academic work.

Personal, Social and Health Education [PSHE]

All students will follow a modular course in PSHE.


As part of the careers module, students will be expected to undertake a 2 week work experience placement in the third term of year 12. Students are expected to research the placement for themselves, with guidance from the school. If possible, this work opportunity should reflect career aspirations.

An important aspect of the careers module will involve tertiary education choices and applications.


We place an emphasis on transferable skills that will be beneficial to all aspects of adult life. All students have the potential to be leaders, and in this module opportunities will be given to develop the necessary skills. Learning how to be a good team player is also essential, both in the modern work place, and also within school.


All students will participate in weekly P.E. lessons. In addition, they will learn about health issues that affect many people and how to ensure good health for themselves now and into the future. A basic first aid course will also be provided.

Social Development

Students will study and practice presentation skills, designed to develop confidence. There will be opportunities to develop social awareness and all students will be expected to work with younger students in this regard, as well as participating in the wider community.

Study Skills

This module will develop and hone students’ study skills, so that they can benefit as much as possible from the academic courses that they are following.