Keeping you informed about what is happening at the school

Kinabalu International School recognises the importance of good communications between the school and parents. We try to minimise the amount of paper used in the school, therefore most of our communications are digital.

We ask all parents to supply the School Office with their email address and hand phone number and ensure than we are notified of any changes to these as soon as possible.

We shall do our best to keep you informed of school events and activities as well as the progress of your own child. Please do contact us if you have any suggestions or requests regarding our school communications.

Letters to parents

All school communications will be sent to your email addresses. Copies of letters will also continue to be placed on our website in the secure section called Letter to Parents. (Please contact the School Office if you do not know the log in details).

Weekly KIS News & Updates

The weekly update is sent to your email account each Friday during term. The aim of the email update is to keep parents informed about key activities at the school that have occurred during the past week or are forthcoming. For more information and photos on our events, please do check the News page of our website regularly and see our Flickr account for a selection of photos from KIS events.


The School Office sends out occasional SMS messages when a rapid means of communication is required to inform parents about events, activities or issues in school.


The school calendar, regular news articles and photos from events, as well as a wide range of other information about the school is on the school website, which is updated regularly.

LED Board

An LED board is centrally located inside the school grounds as a fixed form of communication on daily events, when necessary.

Reading Diary / Student Diaries

The main purpose of the Student Diary is a means of simple, informal communication between teachers and families. For younger students it is used to make comments on their progress in reading and other areas of their learning. Older students will use the diary to organise their home study. It also provides a way for parents to check on what homework a student should be doing and supporting them in completing it. You should look at and sign the Student Diary at least once each week or more frequently.

School Reports and Parent Teacher Conferences

Primary students receive reports each term. Secondary students receive a report twice a term. The Secondary assessments are used to report Effort (A – E) and Attainment (1 – 5) grades to students and parents. The grades recorded on the grade cards are used to monitor the performance of students over the course of the year. Secondary students also receive a full report at the end of the academic year. All reports are issued to parents in special folders, which are then placed in sealed envelopes. Parents are also asked to sign and return a form to confirm receipt of the report.

Parent Teacher Conferences are also scheduled for each year group during the year.  We are grateful for your support in taking advantage of this important opportunity to discuss the progress of your son/daughter and also to share information about your child.

Contact with Teachers

Staff may be available for informal discussions before and after school, but please be aware that they often have meetings to attend and their classrooms to prepare for the day.  For a more formal consultation with staff, please make an appointment by emailing the teacher or through the School Office.

If you wish to speak to a teacher on the phone then you will usually have to leave a message requesting the teacher to phone back. This may often not be possible until the end of the school day.