What do students need to be accepted into the A Level programme?

In general terms students accepted into the programme will have a minimum of 5 IGCSE/GCSE/SPM passes (A*-C) or the equivalent. Individual subjects may require students to have successfully completed an IGCSE/GCSE or the equivalent in that subject prior to entry, although all applications will be assessed on an individual basis. Potential applicants should refer to the entry requirements in the subject specific information for each course.

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Admissions Process

Step 1

You should read through the contents of the Sixth Form Admissions Information Booklet, and carry out your own research in order to gain more knowledge of the specific A Levels that you are interested in. If a decision is made to apply to KIS Sixth Form, you must complete the application form and return it to KIS together with:

  • Certified copies of school reports for the previous 2 years [in English, translated if necessary]
  • A cheque made out to Kinabalu International School for RM800 [admission fee].
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Sixth Form Admissions Information Booklet

Step 2

When we receive the application form and the school reports for the previous 2 years, we may contact your current school and request a confidential reference. This will be sent directly to us.

Step 3

We will contact you to arrange a time for you to come into KIS for an interview with the Head of Sixth Form. All applicants must be able to communicate and learn in the medium of English, and must be able to prove that his/her language proficiency is of an appropriate level. If there is any doubt, the applicant may be required to take an additional language test as this stage. We may also set test papers in the applicant’s chosen subjects to ensure that he/she is capable of study at A Level.

Step 4

Upon successful completion of Stage 1, 2 and 3 you may receive a conditional offer to enter the A level programme at KIS.  The conditions of this offer will specify the grades that you will be expected to achieve in your IGCSE/GCSE/SPM/GCE O Level examinations.

Step 5

When you receive your examination results, you must immediately contact the Head of Sixth Form at KIS. If the results are satisfactory, the conditional offer will be formalised into a firm offer, which you must accept or refuse.

Step 6

You and your parents complete official school documentation, pay the school fees, purchase text books, acquire the school uniform, and commence school at the start of the academic year.

Supporting Notes

  • Advanced level courses are rigorous and demanding. Students must be committed if they are to be successful. For that reason the school will not accept any applicant who would not be able to meet the demands of the course. We will consider each application carefully and individually.
  • On the application form you are asked to indicate the 4 subjects that you are interested in. Normally students take 3 A Levels and one AS Level. In exceptional cases students may be allowed to take 4 A Levels. Universities normally require 3 A levels or the equivalent for entry to degree level courses. You are advised to carry out your own research on University Courses that you may be interested in, so as to ensure that you choose appropriate A Level courses.
  • KIS will endeavour to accommodate subject choices. Should a course be oversubscribed or not be available for any reason, we will communicate this to applicants at an early stage in the admission procedure.
  • Places in the Sixth Form cannot be deferred, and you must start school at the beginning of the relevant academic year.