Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We ask that any known learning disabilities, difficulties or any such related Special Educational Needs are clearly stated in the application form, with relevant supporting information. The application will then be reviewed by the Heads of School, in consultation with relevant staff, to determine if the school will be able to support the needs of the student and will be reviewed termly. The physical limitations of the school site mean that the school is unable to cater for students with physical disabilities requiring specialist provision, including wheelchair access.

Following acceptance of a student, if the student is diagnosed with learning disabilities/difficulties or related Special Educational Needs, but such information was not included in the Application Form or not known in advance of acceptance of the student, a meeting will be arranged between the school and parents to discuss this issue. The school reserves the right to withdraw the place if any known Special Educational Needs or learning disabilities/difficulties were not included in the application form, or if the school is unable to support the SEN needs of a student which have been identified following acceptance.

Non-disclosure of past serious behavioural issues in previous schools may also jeopardise the student’s place in the school. The school reserves the right to withdraw the place at KIS.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

During the applications process students with English as an additional language may be assessed to determine the level of EAL support required. A place will be offered and a year group allocated only if the school has the appropriate resources to support the student. Students who require Intensive or Intermediate support will be charged an extra fee each term. In some cases a condition of entry may be additional language support outside school.

Registered Students

Should a registered student not attend school for a month without a formal explanation, the student’s name will be taken off the register. Subsequently, if the place is still required, a new application will be mandatory.


A minimum of six weeks’ notice is required for the withdrawal of students from school. Failure to comply with this may mean that the school is unable to fulfill its obligations towards the student before he/she leaves, including the writing of school reports and transfer documentations requested by parents and/or their next place of education. Please see Fee Payment and Policies Section for information on Pro-rata Tuition Fees.

Waiting List

Parents will be informed if a class is full. If they still wish to continue with the application procedure, they will be advised that the student will be placed on a waiting list in the appropriate pool. The pools are as follows:

  • Pool A – Students who have a parent employed by the school
  • Pool B – Students whose siblings are studying at KIS
  • Pool C- Students for whom English is their first language
  • Pool D – Students with English as a second language but who are fluent in English
  • Pool E – Students with English as a second language who are not fluent in English.