KIS is one of only seven schools in Malaysia to have received this accreditation and one of less than 350 schools in the world.

What does CIS accreditation mean for your child and the school?

KIS wants to be the best it can be and the CIS accreditation means that the school has been rigorously assessed by an external, independent organisation against an agreed benchmark of standards across all areas of the school. Like all CIS accredited schools KIS keeps its promises and promises only what it can deliver. The school is continually planning how best to grow, develop and improve. The school seeks input from the school community in developing future plans.

FOBISIA is a Federation of British International schools in Asia. KIS is one of the founding members of the Federation.

What does FOBISIA membership mean for your child and the school?

The schools in the Federation work together to provide a range of regional events and competitions for students as well as a variety of professional development opportunities for teachers. KIS students take part in the annual FOBISIA Games at Primary, Under 13 and Under 15 level, as well as participating in FOBISIA Literacy and Maths Competitions, Music and Drama Festivals. These activities see students traveling to different countries within South East Asia for rich cultural, sporting and academic experiences. KIS teaching staff regularly attend courses and workshops with their FOBISIA colleagues to keep up-to-date with best practice around the world.

KIS is a certified centre for IGCSE and A-Level Cambridge International Examinations. Cambridge Assessment is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5–19 year olds. These qualifications are taken in over 160 countries and recognised by universities, education providers and employers across the world.

What does taking Cambridge International Examinations mean for your child?

Cambridge international qualifications give students excellent preparation for their next steps in education, work and life. KIS students gaining these qualifications have gone on to study successfully at some of the best colleges and universities worldwide.