Conditions for the Award of a Part Scholarship at KIS Sixth Form

Students applying for a place in the Sixth Form may also apply for a merit based academic scholarship. Such a scholarship provides for a discount in the normal tuition fees.

Students applying for a scholarship must be able to demonstrate that they have the capacity to excel in their A Level studies and have the necessary skills and qualities to make a positive contribution to the growth and development of the Sixth Form and the school as a whole.

Scholarships will be awarded based upon the quality of the application including:
• academic record
• the interview
• references from the current school

All candidates who wish to apply for a scholarship should also indicate as such by including a letter with their application form incorporating a clearly defined statement of need identifying relevant financial criteria that would support the decision to make such an award.

If a candidate fulfils all the necessary criteria, a provisional offer of a scholarship may be made at the same time as the offer of a conditional place in the Sixth Form, dependent on available school resources. KIS is not obliged to award scholarships, but will endeavour to accommodate applications as they are made. The offer of the place and the scholarship will be confirmed upon receipt of the candidate’s IGCSE (or equivalent) results.

The award of a scholarship and its continuance is reliant upon the student maintaining the attendance, standards and expectations of the school in every context as per the Good Standing Policy. Failure to do so may result in the Scholarship Committee withdrawing the scholarship award.